Logeek Night
13-09-2017 19:00 — 22:00

WHAT LOGEEK NIGHT IS? First of all you have to know that Logeek night is for free from LTS. It is a casual meeting and great opportunity for IT fans to gain some knowledge from areas of their interest. Imagine comfortable place, where snacks and drinks will be served and all you have to do […]

EPAM Kharkiv open DevOps community meetup
13-04-2017 18:30 — 21:00

We gladly invite DevOps-engineers in Kharkiv to the first EPAM DevOps open community meetup! At this event you will be able to learn about DevOps practice in EPAM and about Microsoft Azure: requirements, problems, services and containers. Speakers & Talks: Mykhailo Ivanytskyi, Project Manager @EPAM Ukraine Topic: “DevOps practice in EPAM” Mykhailo Ivanytskyi, the Project Manager and Head of DevOps, provides his insight on EPAM practices […]

WordPress Sessions
6-08-2016 11:00 — 18:00

WordPress Session #1 — first event of WordPress Sessions series , which will take place on August, 6th. In computer science Session is a semi-permanent interactive information exchange, also known as a dialogue, a conversation or a meeting between two or more communication devices, or between a computer and the user. WordPress Sessions – is the […]

Freelance & Remote Work Conference: Work wherever you are
12-06-2016 19:00 — 10:00

Freelance & Remote Work is a conference dedicated to freelance and remote workflow. Software development, consulting, design, photography, translation, copywriting and many other areas allow professionals to work succesfully not depending on the office environment. Average hourly rate Ukrainian freelancers get on Upwork starts from $ 22, with 25% annual growth. Freelance marketplaces, distributed teams and small […]

21-05-2016 11:00 — 19:00

May, 21th, KharkivJS meetup will be held at Fabrika.space. As promised, we will hold a 1 day conference in a slightly updated mode. This time besides usual reports we will host a round table format. We are expecting speakers from Belarus, who will speak about reactive programming and take part in the round table. Register here: kharkivjs.org

Sping Voices Choir
15-05-2016 19:00 — 20:00

The program includes a variety of works of Ukrainian folk songs to jazz. Format: contemporary repertoire in vivid form.   When: May 15th, 19:00. Cost: 70 UAH. Tickets are available at the 4th floor of Fabrika.space. Event on Facebook: facebook.com/events/1729322943991437 Event on VK: vk.com/event120615576

Kharkiv Go/DevOps meet-up
14-05-2016 12:30 —

Coopeartive meet-up of Go-developers and DevOps-engineers powered by SoftServe. We will talk about introduction to Go/CoreOS/Containers/k8s/, examples of use, technical details and advices, success stories. DevOps-engineers and Python, Ruby, JS, PHP, C, C++, Go developers are very welcomed. When: May, 14th, from 12:30 till 19:00. Cost: free. Register here: softserve.ua/app/regs/GoDkh.php. Contact organizers: dziuba@softserveinc.com, Darya.

Make Like a Tree
29-04-2016 20:00 —

Make Like a Tree is a quintessention of travels expressed in music and photography created by Sergey Onischenko – vagabonder from Ukraine who is hitch-hiking round the world and spreading his indie-folk tunes with a touch of non-conformism and Beat Generation ideas and exhibiting his minimalistic landscape photography taken in omnifarious places during his journeys. […]

Startup Crash Test #7
28-04-2016 19:00 — 21:00

Previous six Startup Crash Test events that were held here in Fabrika.space showed us that the interest to startup sphere is growing rapidly, the choice of perspective projects is getting  wider. At each new SCT teams show huge progress in completing presentations and pitching their startups. For many projects SCT becomes a first chance to tell the world about themselves […]

16-04-2016 09:45 — 18:00

On April 16, in Kharkov TEDxKharkiv will be held. The purpose TEDxKharkiv is the exchange of ideas worth spreading, and the creation of communication between people who want to move society, country and the world forward in different areas. TEDxKharkiv combines innovative-minded people who are ready to divided their own ideas and crave new knowledge and discoveries, […]

“React — to be or not to be?” powered by JavaScript community of Kharkov & Waverley Software
11-04-2016 18:00 — 21:00

JavaScript community of Kharkov & Waverley Software invite all fans of JS to “React – to be or not?” meetup. Agenda Ilya Tokarenko: Angular and React comparison. Sergey Rossokha: React JS and why it’s awesome. When: April 11 from 18:00 to 21:00. Price: 100 UAH. Check in: https://goo.gl/gryPS3

Photostudy 2016
10-04-2016 08:00 — 20:00

The purpose of this conference is to give an impetus to the development of photography and photographers before the start of the new season, bringing together industry leaders, novice and experienced market participants to communicate and acquire new knowledge. You will receive a working strategy for the development of your business and be able to […]