The Wise Guyz Concert. Live Authentic Rockabilly

10 ноября приглашаем вас отведать отменного аутентичного рокабилли, c лёгкой примесью Rock’n’Roll 50-х, Jump Blues и Boogie.
В сыграют WiseGuyz (rockabilly Ukraine), команда настолько true, что выкладывает свои треки на MySpace!

Когда: 10 ноября с 20:00 до 21:30.
Стоимость: беcплатно.
Мероприятие на

Wise Guyz о себе:
WiseGuyz were created in 1999-2000 in Kharkov (Ukraine) by the leader of the band Chris Bird. In the very begining we played neo-rockabilly and old-school psychobilly.Since 1999 till 2007 the membership of the band changed 6-7 times. So style of the group have changed to. We found that authentic rockabilly is our true passion, so since 2007 we are rockabilly group. (tryin to get closer to rough authentic sound)
WiseGuyz have recorded 3 albums wich consist of ONLY OUR SONGS and 1 album with 2 cover songs:
Non-Stop Boogie (2008)
Dig My Jive (2009)
Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair (2010)
Stay Cool (2011)
Since 2007 till now (june 2011) some members of the band have changed to. Mostly we are playing and wellknown in Ukraine and Russia. In May-June of 2010 we made our first steps towards Europenian rockin’ scene and played 6-7 gigs in Germany. Our friends “Tazmanian Devils” helped us to.
In October 2010 we have signed the agreement with El Toro Records and now we are El Toro artists.
We are planning to play for more and open new countries all over the world.
Also we have made a tour in may-june 2011. We were in Warsaw (Poland), Leipzig (Germany) and at Screamin’ Festival in Pineda De Mar (Spain). Carlos Diaz (El Toro) invited us to Screamin’ and it helped us to fix more gigs around the festival.
Now we have changed a drummer and practicin for a new program. And probably we will record a new 5th album. See you on the dancin’ floor!