Meet Matt Moore

Meet Matt Moore: “My path from developer to the owner of multinational businesses”


∙ How to create and manage a successful startup

∙ How to build a strong TEAM

∙ Recipes of success from Matt Moore

∙ Q&A

Afterparty in Bar during which you can talk to Mr. Moore.

About the speaker:

Matt Moore a well-known businessman from the US. He has built 20+ companies and invested in more than 30 other companies.

He started as a developer but then took a risk and started his own business in 90th. Now his assets are in the businesses all over the world.

Fields: IT and communication, medical care, oil and gas, consulting and human resources etc.

Education: BA in Computer Science from Ball State University and MBA degree from Ashland University.

He was the founding President of the Florida Chapter of the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses (NACCB). Mr. Moore also served as the national NACCB Government Affairs chair from 1998 to 2001, President in 2002 and Chairman in 2003. NACCB is the only national trade association in the US dedicated exclusively to supporting IT services companies. It represents nearly 400 companies with $15 billion in combined annual revenue.

Mr.Moore is a Founder and Chairman of the Board of TEAM International, founder of Catapult Staffing, co-founder at Cobalt Medical Partner, Principal of Cobalt Medical Development, Investor of Hinto Energy etc.

He is initiator of educational programs for IT professional in the US and Europe.

Person who inspires and gives chances to talented people all over the world.