21th of February session: 19-00 (ADMISSION FREE)

The film is shown in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles


USA / 2017/100 ′

Directors: Josh Lovell, Peter Mortimer


In January 2015, American climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Yorgeson riveted the attention of the whole world, trying to overcome the Wall of Dawn – the deliberately insurmountable 900-meter rock in Yosemite National Park in California. The two literally spent weeks standing upright, attracting the attention of viewers from around the world. However, for Tommy Caldwell, the Wall of Dawn was something much larger than another climbing goal. For him, it was the culmination of a life dedicated to overcoming obstacles. When he was 22, a prodigy climber was captured by rebels in Kyrgyzstan.

Soon after, he lost his forefinger in an accident, but this only strengthened him. When his marriage broke up, he quenched the pain, devoting himself to an incredible goal – overcoming the Wall of Dawn. Caldwell and his partner Jorgeson devoted six years to painstaking planning and training to overcome their set goals, blurring the line between determination and obsession. At the time of the decisive attempt, when the whole planet was looking at them, the moment of truth came for Caldwell: to leave a friend to realize a cherished dream, or risk success for friendship?

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