Best Erotic Shorts 18+

August 10th at Best Erotic Shorts 18+

In the hall free landing!

Session: 19-00

Ticket price: 80 UAH

Countries: Poland, UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand

Age category: 18+

Timekeeping: 93 minutes

Language: Ukrainian


Do you like roughly or dearly?

August 10 in the vast will show indecently beautiful erotic films “Best erotic shorts”. Drop all prejudice, modesty and fear. Open to emotions, feelings, pleasure. Passion, goosebumps and thousands of fireworks. Ready? Then see you at the show. And do not hesitate – this date will not end with a simple trip to the cinema.

1. Last summer memories

Poland, 2013, dir. Cuba Griezhevski, Ivo Crankowski, hron. 11 min

The Christmas party with the parents finally came to the end. However, suddenly Basia saw someone very familiar on the street. At this moment, the most interesting part of the evening began…

2. Two X’s

United Kingdom, 2018, dir. Seraphim Seraphimova, hron. 1:07

This film shows that there is an alternative to mainstream films for adults. “Two X’s” is a research of passion, desire and lust, which offers a new, free from guilt, way of receiving pleasure.

3. Sexy

France, 2015, dir. Genevieve Albert, hron. 7 min

Francis wants to make love with Clara. But Clara has no strong desire to do this. Funny and touching story about married life and the place of sex in it.

4. Impact

Spain, 2018, dir. Hector Romance, hron. 15 minutes.

Sigur is having a party in honor of his birthday. He has a surprise for the guests, but everything does not go as planned. At some point, the birthday boy risks losing control over the situation and himself.

5. Chocolate ice cream

Spain, 2017, dir. Sadrak Zmork, hron. 9 min 37 s.

Life is too short to live without sex and tasty food. Maria sets the table for two and has big plans for this dinner.

6. Mirror

Brazil, 2013, dir. Julian Mileiro, hron. 15 minutes.

Minor conflicts in the bathroom show that the couple’s family life is no longer as happy as before. Suddenly, remaining unnoticed, their reflections in the mirror come to life and begin to live their own lives. That which causes quarrels on one side of the mirror is perceived as something ridiculous and insignificant on the other side.

7. Clean screen

Spain, 2018, dir. Javier Farias, hron. 8 min 30 s.

Sergio comes to the cafe with his laptop and immediately draws attention to Laura, a beautiful and intelligent woman. Because of his indecision and modesty, Sergio does not dare to go up and creates his own fantasy with Laura with the help of his monitor and erotic sites.

8. Satisfaction

Sweden, 2013, dir. Ninja Tyberg, hron. 15 minutes.

Behind the scenes of pornography, the actors train and practice a variety of positions. It is rumored that one of the girls has big ambitions and is going to do something very risky during one of the scenes.

9. Signal if you are excited

New Zealand, 2012, dir. Joe Loney, hron. 12 min

Have you ever encountered unbearable taxi drivers? This time, the young musician Sergio was extremely unlucky. He became a forced listener of dirty stories of the old libertine.

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