Andrey Shchegel. Artist in the Law

An excellent comedian, unsurpassed in the number of soloists, incredibly charismatic, extremely popular, Andrey Schegel breaks into a big tour of Ukraine and neighboring countries with the program “Artist in the Law”.
Ask about this name from those who know Ukrainian comedy or look at his performances on YouTube. Be sure to come in your city, take your family, friends and buy a ticket in advance, because they definitely will not remain. It will be powerful!
This is a mega person. He is talented, he is beautiful, he has a unique sense of humor, he is multifaceted, he is changing, he is fluid. He inspires horror and fear with his refractions. He has some kind of mystic power. Yes? Fascinating, simple. This is the type that really manipulates the consciousness of people, it can refract the life of any person. Turn it in some direction. Make him good or vice versa, make him bad.
This is an incredible person. This is a man who jumps with a parachute, he has a pulse of 60. He goes live, there, at the age of 43 he dances some kind of waltz, he dances some waltzes, he has a pulse of 60. He sleeps 20 minutes before the broadcast, causing fear and horror to those nearby. He manages to joke without blanks, without screenwriters. That is, this is an unreal type.

This is an artist in law. He does not work for uncle. Not a single production contract. Never! Always myself. And why did he become a stand-up comedian? Because it won’t go to the factory, to the factory. Because like this (click of your fingers), do something from the word. This is the act of creativity. This is the act of creation. Do you understand? When “in the beginning was the word.”
A completely new program. And remember the motto that has already become a classic: did not come – passed!