Best Comedy Shorts 2019

October 11 at BEST COMEDY SHORTS 2019

IN THE HALL free landing!!!

Session: 19-00

Ticket price: 80 UAH

Countries: USA, France, UK, Australia

Age category: 16+

Timing: 71 minutes

Language: Ukrainian

CAUTION! Adult humor 😉

On October 11th, we will have fun and laugh at over the comedy movie collection “Best Comedy Shorts” 2019!

Laughter seems to make life longer, but that’s not the most important thing, right? Regardless of how many hundreds of years we have lived, let’s enjoy as if every day is the last.

“Best Comedy Shorts” will not let you lose this day! The films included in the program will surely make laugh even the most severe and most picky viewers. Even Chaplin would check out such a movement.

So come! It will be fun.



1. Love is blind

United Kingdom, 2015, dir. Dan Hodgson, сhron. 6 minutes 25 sec

In critical situations, we are often very smart. However, Alice’s ingenuity can be envied. Where else, besides the closet, can you hide a lover and why is it better not to fall into such situations? The film “Love is Blind” will explain everything to you.

2. Graffiti

France, 2019, dir. Aurelien Laplace, chron. 9 minutes 29 sec

The city is in shock: someone made a provocative inscription on historical sites! The mayor and doctor Robin were in a piquant situation, because the inscription refers to them…

3. Saw in the office

USA, 2016, dir. Chris Capell, chron. 3 min. 29 sec

Want to play a game? The film “Saw in the office” will make you hate your colleagues a little less.

4. Bureau of Lost Eggs

France, 2019, dir. Camille Nahum, chron. 14 minutes 57 sec

Judith takes a job at the Bureau of Lost Eggs, which is committed to returning men their vitality and strength of character.

5. Parking

Australia, 2016, dir. John Frolich, chron. 6 minutes 29 sec

Joe and his incendiary girlfriend Rose run away after their last robbery. However, it turns out that Rose was parked in a multi-story parking lot, and now their car is blocked by an elderly lady who can’t cope with a ticket machine. Police sirens are getting louder, so there’s almost no time to think…

6. Before Nativity

France, 2018, dir. Cyril Delon, Chron. 11 minutes 27 sec

Rome, several years B.C. Cinturion Titus returns from Iberia, where he spent some time with a group of сhristians. This meeting prompted him to decide to change his life and become monogamous. He reports this to his wife Octavia during an orgy…

7. Room Service

France, 2019, dir. Arthur Genre, сhron. 8 minutes 1 sec

Albert lies on the bed of his hotel room and holds a gun to his head. Now he must make the worst decision in his life. And suddenly someone knocks on the door with the words “Room Service.”

8. The shooter

USA, 2014, dir. Eric Kissak, сhron. 8 minutes 50 sec

In the best traditions of Westerns, the narrator tells the story of a lone shooter who enters a tavern. However, in this story everyone hears the voice of the narrator. And also, he’s a little bloodthirsty.

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