31th of January at the horror film festival “BEST HORROR SHORTS”


Session: 19-00

Ticket price: 80 UAH

Countries: Poland, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy

Age category: 16+

Duration: 108 minutes

Language: voiced in Ukrainian



31th of January will be filled with fear, because in the horror festival “Best Horror Shorts” will take place!

Jason, Pennywise and Samara have already watched the films included in the program and are now afraid to leave their rooms/forests/ TVs. And Freddy Krueger after watching completely lost his sleep.

We know for sure that you have strong nerves, therefore, as always, we are waiting for you in the dark cinema. Together we will watch terrible non-childish fairy tales without a happy end. All the classics of the genre: monsters, cannibals, psychos.

You won’t be bored. Ready? Then drove into the land of horrors. But be careful – it’s very easy to get lost in it.

1. Demon

Poland, 2017, dir. Blazhey Kuyava, hron. 14 minutes 15 sec

Anyone who has lost his way in the gloomy forest at night should not expect anything good. The best thought is to wait until dawn and try to find a way. However, there are demons that do not disappear even during the day, and forests from which there is no way out.  

2. Alter Ego

Italy, 2018, dir. Andrea Gentile, 5 min. 11 sec

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you always recognize the one who is looking back?

3. Feather pillow

Brazil, 2018, dir. Joseph Specker Nose, hron. 12 minutes 17 sec

An unknown disease took hold of Alicia’s body immediately after her honeymoon. The wall between reality and hallucinations is gradually disappearing. What really drives a woman crazy, and how is her husband involved?  

4. Dark room

France, 2018, Morgan Segert, hron. 20 minutes.

France, 1910. Cassandra’s mother suffers from a mysterious disease that she is trying to hide from everyone. But the girl feels the presence of the monster that she wants to take her mother.

5. And the child cried

United Kingdom, 2018, dir. Dan Gitsham, hron. 3 min. 29 sec

The father is struggling to put the baby to sleep. But what bothers the baby’s sleep in a dark room?  

6. Drops

Spain, 2018, dir. Sergio Morchillo, hron. 14 minutes 35 sec

Martha’s parents died two years ago. One night, being at home alone with herself, she finally learns the terrible truth about the pain that torments her.

7. Beast

France, 2018, dir. Filippo Meneghetti, hron. 18 minutes 3 sec

Actions take place in a remote village many years ago. A little boy falls into a hole in the forest. His grandfather, an old and almost blind shepherd, is trying to convince the villagers to go to salvation by looking into the eyes of their fears in the night darkness…  

8. Whistle

United Kingdom, 2015, dir. Simon Barry, hron. 3 min. 35 sec

The housemates finally parted, and Abigail could devote a day to cleaning and doing laundry. Unfortunately for her, the laundry room is in the basement, from which a strange whistle sounds.

9. Out of the city

France, 2018, dir. Pierre Moucher, hron. 17 minutes 31 sec

A gloomy man wanders through the countryside next to an old and dilapidated house. A weak sick girl is closed in one of the rooms of this house. Who and why is holding her back?    

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