BEST Sci-Fi 2019 | short film festival

August 24 in “BEST SCI-FI 2019”

In the hall free landing!

Session: 19-00

Ticket price: 80 UAH

Countries: USA, UK, Italy, Israel, Serbia

Running time: 100 minutes

Age category: 16+

Language: Ukrainian


Do you think that you still control your life and make decisions on your own? What about the online navigator that tells you which way to go? Music services that your playlists themselves make? Social networks that choose what news and in what sequence to show you?

The latest technology has become an integral part of our lives. The world changes every day and surprises us every minute. Let’s try to look into an unpredictable future?

As part of the Fantastic Film Festival, you will see incredible stories that can become a reality in a few decades or even years.

Be sure to visit this event. The future is waiting for you!


1. Date in 2025
United States, 2017, dir. Ryan Turner, hron. 13 min 57 s.

In 2025, the artificial intelligence system informs its owner that he should go on a date with a girl, because his suicidal tendency of loneliness has reached a critically high level.

2. Anonymous without problems
United Kingdom, 2017, dir. Gary Roberts, hron. 13 min 45 sec.

What can go wrong in a world where excellence is illegal? Unfortunately, Ivan’s perfection test turned out to be positive. The law states that he must visit an imperfection clinic to solve this problem.

3. Retreat strategy
USA, 2017, dir. Travis Bible, hron. 15 minutes. 1 sec.

Two brothers fell into a temporary loop. They will have to go through a maze of events in order to avoid a catastrophic fire.

4. Commodity wars
United States, 2018, dir. Stefan Zlotescu, hron. 8 min 54 sec.

Genetically engineered products are becoming a popular hobby in this all-possible future.

5. Drops of the Moon
Israel, Serbia, 2018, dir. Yoram Ever-Hadani, hron. 16 min

A factory worker invents an amazing machine that can create an elixir based on moonlight.

6. Prohibited person
Italy, 2018, dir. Tiziano Rousseau, hron. 19 min 14 s.

Andre is forced to live in isolation because of the virus he contracted during the space mission. His wife Agatha and daughter Miya are forced to reckon with the peculiarities of his life.

7. Passage
India, 2017, dir. Ankur Kapoor, 10 min.

People are passionate about artificial intelligence. “Passage” is a documentary film from the future that tells about the other side of the so-called utopia.

8. Endless
France, 2017, dir. Claire le Thoff, Nicolas Lourmet, Corentin Gravend, Mikel Zuloaga, Edouard Kalemar, Romaric Vivier, 3 min. 45 sec.

On a tower that reaches the top of the clouds, amidst a storm, two colleagues are confronted with a strange phenomenon in the sky.

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