Business Fraudsters. Don`t be a victim! Schemes. Prevention. Control

30th of October, we invite you to the workshop: “Business Fraudsters. Don`t be a victim! Schemes. Prevention. Control”

At the meeting, the financier and lawyer will tell you how to identify and counter business fraud.

Moderator of the meeting: Chornogub Natalia (compliance expert)


– Dmitry Babaev (financier, adviser to ILF; more than 15 years of experience)

– Alexey Kharitonov (lawyer, partner of ILF; more than 20 years of experience)

You will get answers to popular questions:

🔹 Why scammers choose company “A”, but do not touch company “B”. How do scammers choose a victim?

🔹 Popular fraud schemes. How can you lose millions?

🔹 How to avoid becoming a victim of a scammer. Notice and warn.

🔹 What if you are already a member of a scam? Step-by-step action plan.

After the theoretical part, the participants will analyze practical tasks, where everyone will learn to independently identify fraud schemes.

Registration is free.