Business-intensive «The future of work: Fight for talents»[Kharkov]

Lviv Business School UCU (LvBS) in cooperation with Ernst & Young (EY)

invited on June 13 to the business-intensive “The future of work: fight for talents”

This conference will become a real center of management and HR-community, united around deep knowledge, expertise and experience. This is an opportunity for experts to discuss modern trends affecting business, the transformation of the sphere of people management and the challenges facing the HR function.

The goal of the joint project LvBS & EY: Building a better working world through growing people.

At a meeting in Kharkov, along with experts from EY, participants will learn about:

  • Globalization, technology, demographics: how global trends affect business and people management
  • Generational possibilities
  • Socio-emotional and technological competencies
  • HR transformation and challenges facing HR function

For whom:

  • HR specialists with experience (HRD, HR generalist, HR BP, HR Manager)
  • Managers and owners of companies that are interested in people management


10:00-11:30 presentations

11:30-12:00 coffee break

12:00-13:30 work in groups

13:00-14:00 presentation of group work

14:00-15:00 networking with managers of EY and programs

The second part of the meeting (from 12:00) will be a moderated discussion in groups on topical issues of the transformation of people management processes (in connection with global trends, automation and digitalization).

The cost of participation in the event 500 UAH. When registering with a friend – the cost of 850 UAH for two.

For participants/issues of LvBS programs: 10% discount (in order to receive a promotional code for a discount, contact the manager of your training program)

Contact person: Christina Dolna, +38 (067) 672 58 00,