Conference iThink # 3, do you know?

Inventing a time machine and teleport to get to the June WWDC?

Save your strength for August iThink – our speakers have returned from the dream conference and are ready to share all the information and technical innovations!

Vitaly Reztsov and Andrei Vergunov “We ​​are writing an application for the next year”
– use SwiftUI
– use Combine
– use CloudKit.

Difficulty: medium

Vitaly Reztsov “SF Symbols – what and why?”
– how to apply a new feature from Apple
– how to facilitate the use of Layout.

Difficulty level: easy  

Andrey Vergunov “Custom Instruments – powerful debugging”
– we use features of tools in all power.

Difficulty: medium

Beginning at 19:00

Participation fee: free of charge

Registration by link

See you at the event!