Connections decide everything: how handshakes lead to success

Want to succeed in life, but don’t know who to turn to? But what about! You need powerful connections!

September 26, we have prepared for you the most useful and practical workshop on networking!

Speaker: Revshan Abdurakhmanov

Writer, polyglot and traveler. He has 23 countries, 5 + 2 languages, many interesting stories and an indispensable experience of meeting people.

In 120 minutes of the workshop you will learn:

🔹 How does networking turn an ordinary person into an influential person?

🔹 How to make useful contacts and influence people?

🔹 How to use your contacts and contacts to expand your capabilities?

🔹 How to overcome barriers in yourself and begin to take the first step towards others?

What do you get?

🔹 Step-by-step instructions on effective networking that will change your life once and for all!

🔹 A lot of positive and a lot of insights, practical tips and tricks.  


🔹 until September 26 – 150 UAH paying on a Privat Bank card *

🔹 on the day of the event – 200 UAH at the entrance

Registration by link

*For all questions: 093 167 68 99


Take your friends and good mood with you!

P.S. Register soon! Limited number of seats.