Fabrika.space – a brain attracting hub, a workshop of ideas and quality leisure!

Fabrika.space is located in a renovated factory originally constructed for the sorting and storage harvested crops. The factory was built in 1933 and is one of the oldest post-industrial properties in the heart of old Kharkiv. The factory, first reconstructed after the second world war in 1947, remained operational up until the end of the 1960s, and the building received a second life in 2015 thanks to the meticulous work of a team of like-minded persons.

Today’s Fabrika.space represents a complex of multi-use premises, including a bar and restaurant, coworking space and auditoriums for hosting large-scale events.

The interior retains the architecture, appearance and spirit of the old building: elegant paintings, oak floors dating back to the early 20th century, brick partitions from the pre-revolutionary era, machine lamps, original ceilings and cast iron pillars, auger and elevators for hoisting grain, and many other carefully restored “artifacts” that create a truly unique atmosphere at Fabrika.space.

Fabrika.space is one of the favorite hotspots not only of Kharkovites but also the city’s visitors coming from all parts of the world. “A brain attracting hub, a workshop of ideas and quality leisure!” as one visitor put it. Fabrika.space offers everything you need: tasty cuisine featuring a collection of dishes imbued with traditions of various countries; traditional and original cocktails and hard liquors; aromatic hookah; and the relaxing atmosphere of jazz evenings.