15th of February at “ITALIAN BEST SHORTS: Love in the Eternal City”


Session: 19-00

Ticket price: 80 UAH

Age category: 16+

Duration: 100 minutes

Films voiced in Ukrainian


Almanac “ITALIAN BEST SHORTS: Love in the Eternal City”, assembled from 7 of the most striking Italian short melodramas and comedies, winners of various Italian film festivals.

This is a declaration of love in the beauty of human relations with the world, with oneself, with each other.

-1-. “Finger Boy”

Cristiano Ananias

A touching and allegorical story about a man for whom there is only a moment “here and now”.

The film has participated in more than 120 Italian and international film festivals and has received 45 awards, including the most prestigious awards at the Queens Film Festival in New York and the Scottish Film Festival in Edinburgh. Finger Boy has also been featured on the Golden Globe Shortlist for Best Italian Short of the Year.

-2-. “Tomorrow I’m starting a new life”

Monica Dugo and Marcello Di Noto

A satirical comedy about all of us, about how dependence on gadgets can replace simple and such important human communication.

The main role is played by the world-famous director Giuseppe Piccioni, multiple prize winner and jury member of the Venice Film Festival, winner of many awards “David di Donatello”, nominee for an Oscar for the best film in a foreign language.

-3.- “Date”

Ilenia Politan

Witty reflections on how often we do not say out loud what is on the heart and what this leads to in a relationship.

“Date” is the directorial debut of the famous Italian columnist, the leading weekly column La Mamma al Cinema (“Mom in the Cinema”).

-4-. “Love in the Eternal City”

The main short story from the screenwriter of the comedy hit “I Want and Jump” and the winner of the David di Donatello Prize, Valerio Attanasio, was released in English-speaking countries under the title It’s a wonderful life.

This is a romantic walk in Rome, which will present lovers who dream of marriage, several strength tests. The film took part in more than 20 Italian and international film festivals, was named the best short film of the year at the Giffoni Film Festiva and Video Festival Imperia film festivals and received an audience prize at the New Movie Club Film Festival Palestrina.

Starring actor Dario Aita was named Best Actor of the Year at the Roma Creative Contest, female lead Nina Torrezi – Best Actress of the Year at Festival Corti Senza Frontiere.

-5-. Rocky

Daniele Pini

In the small hero of the short film, each viewer will be able to recognize themselves – this is a heart-touching story of imaginary friendship and first real love.

The film won the important Italian Premio Rai Cinema Channel award “for a breakthrough in the short film genre and an original story about the transition from adolescence to adulthood, with all delicacy showed the deep feelings of young people of our time.”

-6-. The Cycle

Francesco Bruni

A short comedy melodrama about a young girl who came for an interview but found something more important instead of work, viewers will see for the first time a film shot by the Roman Experimental Center for Cinematography, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma.

The film has not been shown even in Italy; its inclusion in the almanacs “ITALIAN BEST SHORTS: Love in the Eternal City” is a world premiere.

-7-. “The most beautiful”

Alessandro Capitano

Melodrama won the Italian Oscar last year, the David di Donatello Award for Best Short Film.

Having quarreled with the guy, Veronica closes in the club toilet, and even her friend can not get her out of there. Hearing tears, a guy from a neighboring booth speaks to her. By voice, he falls in love with Veronica, but is he ready to see her?

The bright star of Italian cinema, Jusi Lodi, played a small story of great love that will not leave anyone indifferent.