Kharkiv Open InfoSec Community Meet-up

We invite on October 15 to attend a meeting of specialists of the Kharkov community Information Security

👨💼 Prepared reports for you:

Vitaliy Balashov, Systems Engineer, Epam

Vladislav Pianov, Senior Security Testing Engineer, Epam (Minsk)

Igor Bakalo, Senior Systems Engineer, Epam

Ivan Krahmalyuk, Systems Engineer, Epam

📌 What to talk about:

“Kharkiv Security Unit overview”

Vitaliy Balashov will tell about the history of creating a security unit in the EPAM Kharkiv office, about what processes are currently in place and what services are provided to customers. He will share his experience of how team members are constantly learning and what benefits everyone can get from it.

“Most Interesting BugBounty and assessments cases”

Vladislav Pianov will talk about the most interesting cases that came across to him and his colleagues on a cloudless way of testing application security. Also, Vladislav will talk about the internal EPAM BugBounty program from the point of view of the player.

“Secrets: from private to public”

In his report, Igor Bakalo will talk about how he managed to create Seeker – a tool that finds in the program code things that should not be there (passwords, access tokens, encryption keys, etc.). And it will demonstrate why its tool works better than commercial counterparts.

“Carrier: accelerating DAST/SAST implementation in CI/CD”

Ivan Krahmalyuk will talk about his experience in developing a framework for accelerated integration of SAST / DAST solutions into existing projects using already running CI \ CD processes. This framework integrates with all, without exception, personal EPAM projects and is provided to the company’s customers.

Participation is free upon prior registration