Lecture by Albrecht Durer & Lucas Cranach: Strange Beauty

The beauty canons of the Northern Renaissance are rather unusual. The lecture is dedicated to the works of the masters of the German Renaissance – Albrecht Durer and Lucas Cranach the Elder. Extraordinary giftedness, breadth of interests and versatile knowledge put these artists on a par with the renowned masters of the Italian Renaissance.

Albrecht Durer is called “Northern Leonardo”. He was as handsome as a god – with beautiful long silky hair, intelligent eyes, sensual lips. And it is no coincidence that he painted himself in the image of Christ in his famous self-portrait. Nobody has done this before! The master’s talent manifested itself in many areas, it was characteristic of the talented masters of the Renaissance. Durer was not only a painter, graphic artist, engraver on copper and wood, but also a researcher and theorist of art.

Lucas Cranach was radically different in appearance and character from Albrecht Durer. He has a large face, on which nature has not worked as carefully as on the face of Dürer. Cranach looks more like a rich burgher than an artist. Unlike Dürer, Cranach in his works did not strive for anatomical correctness, but rather tried to achieve exquisite spiritual sensuality. And it is also striking that, unlike Dürer, he was very fond of portraying women. Practical Cranach perfectly felt what and when to do. Whatever his hand touched – a hand or a wallet of money – the results were excellent.

Date July 3, 16:00

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