«Love Shorts»

October 27th at Fabrika.space Love Shorts


Session: 19-00

Ticket price: 80 UAH.

Countries: Australia, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, New Zealand.

Age category: 16+

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

Language: english with ukrainian subtitles

Short films about love are inspirational stories about life, love, friendship.

1. Theo and Celeste, 2018, Australia, 3:20

Theo and Celeste play the game “would you stay my friend if …”. Calling the most unpredictable things, testing their friendship.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day, 2018, France, 6:23

Love, death, fate. The story of how the separation of one couple creates a new relationship between two strangers.

3. Red curtains, 2015, Netherlands, 15:20

The main character is trying to bring back the lost love.

4. The second half, 2017, USA, 9:36

A comedy about how a person breaks up with himself.

5. It always happens, 2017, USA, 14:12

A couple on a first date argues about psychology…

6. Life is a pain, 2017, Canada, 5:36

Tragicomedy french director. The five-minute film consists of 95 scenes that confirm the film’s loud message: “Life is a pain.”

7. The lonely planet, 2017, USA, 24:25

During a business trip to Barcelona, ​​Julia meets a tall handsome stranger who offers to show her the city…

8. Helen leaves, 2013, New Zealand, 15:56

Helene leaves the country and decides to find a new girlfriend for her boyfriend. But can she?

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