Marketing Talk is 50% of practical experience, 30% of successful cases and 20% of proven tools.

Marketing Talk – a new format?

We are tired of events where they pour water, sell their products and go around the bush. Therefore, we created an event of a new format, where 2 speakers in 4 hours reveal 2 complex topics, give their knowledge and experience in real projects.

Each speaker is a narrow topic, a set of tools, checklists, links, books and videos. If you need motivators and people like: “wake up at 5 in the morning, drink a glass of water, meditate and become successful”, you are not here. If you need clear-cut algorithms, proven tools, and knowledge about promoting your business, welcome!


🔴 Dmitry Frolov, CEO of Brand U!, managing partner university of digital professions University! and photo agencies Dreamway

“Strategic marketing through the eyes of a businessman”  

🔴 Elena Rak, ambitious digital marketer, Head of marketing team at Korean ginseng Corp.

“Strategic marketing through the eyes of a marketer”

The event was created to train marketers, SMM-specialists, targetologists, contextologists, analysts and designers in modern methods of modernizing and promoting a business.

The world is changing, in order to develop business, you need to develop yourself.    

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