For the first time in Kharkov Oleg TORSUNOV with a seminar!
August 10, 11, 12

In today’s world, 80% of families are not based on knowledge, but on feelings. A guy and a girl – fell in love, got along, got married, and then, how lucky! They do not know anything about the needs and responsibilities of each other, and sometimes they completely change places. Such marriages do not last long …
But happiness in family life is possible only if the couple seriously studies the science of “Happy life together”, the nature of their lover, his desires and areas of responsibility.

In this three-day seminar, Oleg Gennadievich will talk about the difficulties of the family in 2021, about the challenges that young families face. It will also give solutions on how to overcome difficulties and overcome ignorance in relationships!

Some questions of the seminar:

• Character of a man and character of a woman. What are the differences and how to interact.
• What a woman wants for happiness and what a man wants. Illusions and reality.
• Difference in attitudes towards money, work, health, hobbies, leisure.
• Causes of conflicts and how to eliminate them?
• How to recognize the impending danger of breaking up the relationship?
• What are the differences between men and women in their understanding of relations with relatives?
• What are the differences in the understanding of parenting?

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