Muraha talk

A business without a brand is not a business. Agree? ❌

People stopped buying products a long time ago, they buy the emotions that the brand evokes in them. If you are playing long-term, the need for a brand strategy is on by default. This is your magic wand in a world of fierce competition and market saturation.

The Muraha Talk team was able to fish out a couple of hours of free time for Bogdan Popovich, a brand strategist with 7 years of marketing experience. He is the co-founder of the top brand bureau POPOVYCH and ex-marketing director of Marketing Gamers and SOBA.

Bogdan has never been a representative of the Infobiz. And only after 7 years of painstaking analytical work, I am ready to share my experience with the masses. So if you came for “water and motivation”, we will not help you. We only have cases, miscalculations and digital indicators.

What business solutions will you receive at this event?

・ How to focus the team on the result using a brand strategy
・ What strategic actions to take during a crisis
・ How to implement a multi-factor brand strategy and what is needed for this
・ How to shift focus from “increasing sales” and not lose in it
・ Does your business specifically need strategic branding?
・ Step-by-step instructions for creating a strong brand strategy
・ An example of toxic branding, avoiding its negative impact
・ Cases of brand strategies of successful companies
・ Bonus plan for the implementation of a brand strategy that will help increase sales until the New Year!