Urgently look at your calendar!

What are your plans for 18th of November?

If you have not planned an all inclusive trip to Egypt on this day, then do not worry 🙂

Come to us for the presentation of the course “Speech Improvisation” – it will be bright!

There will be a lot of PRACTICES!!!


✅ clearly and beautifully express your thoughts

✅ easy to remember large amounts of information

✅ be interesting and flexible in communication

✅ talk about yourself, live emotions properly during a speech

✅ improvise and get high on stage! ⠀  

Have your knees trembled at least once during a presentation or were your throats dry at the time of your performance?

Being able to tell about yourself, present yourself and your product/service is now almost the most important skill in life!    

Registration by link

Still have questions? Call!

093 91 250 38 (Alina) 066 825 99 73 (Nastya)