September 20th at Fabrika.space  OSCAR SHORTS – 2019

In the hall free landing!

Session: 19-00

Ticket price: 80 UAH

Countries: Canada, USA, Ireland, UK, Spain.

Age category: 16+

Duration: 98 min.

Language: Ukrainian

5 best short films according to the prestigious film award of the world! Each film that was included in the Oscar Shorts collection has come a long way of international selection from a local jury in every country of the world to the approval of 5200 film academics, which confirms the artistic value of nominee films.

“Oscar Shorts-2019” is a unique chance to see them all together on the big screen and find out for what and to whom this year the treasured statuette went.

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Country: Canada, 2018
Duration: 16 min.
Director: Jeremy Comte
Cast: Felix Grenier, Alexander Perrot
Two boys play in an abandoned mine. They have fun until it turns out that the stakes are very high, and everything around is no longer a game.

Country: United States, 2018
Duration: 21 min.
Director: Guy Natty
Starring: Jonathan Tucker, Jackson Robert Scott
A small supermarket, a black buyer smiles at a 10 year old white boy. Because of this smile, the two gangs begin a ruthless war.

Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, 2018
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Vincent Lamb
Cast: Eli Solan, Leon Hughes
Two ten-year-old boys detained by the police on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering a child.

Country: Spain, 2017
Duration: 19 min.
Director: Rodrigo Soryoen
Cast: Martha Nietho, Blanca Apilanes
The son of the main character rests in France with his father. Being in Spain with her mother, the woman picks up the phone: the nightmare of each parent becomes a reality.

Country: Canada, 2017
Duration: 16 min.
Director: Mariann Farley
Cast: Beatrice Picard, Sandrine Bisson
The summer woman and her nurse become friends. This friendship will help Margarita to come to terms with her past.

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