QUEEN LIVE IN Budapest | film-concert

July 27 in Fabrika.space will show the film-concert “QUEEN LIVE IN BUDAPEST”

Session: 20:30

Ticket price: 125 UAH

Duration: 1 hour 45 min

The film-concert, created by the Hungarian director János Jombojaia on the staff of the group during their stay in Budapest and recording a concert at the 1986 Neshtadion stadium. Since the film was immediately preparing for display on large movie screens, it was filmed on a 35mm film. Sound tracks were created for each instrument separately and were reduced for demonstration on the screen, directly, with the participation of the musicians themselves. In 2012, Blu-ray was created, and in 2016, the DCP version with modern sound technologies.

QUEEN LIVE IN BUDAPEST is considered the highest quality video from all the concerts of the legendary QUEEN!


Performers: QUEEN – Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Brian May, Roger Taylor


1. «Intro»
2. «One Vision»
3. «Tie Your Mother Down»
4. «In the Laps of Gods»
5. «Seven Seas of Rhye»
6. «Tear It Up»
7. «A Kind of Magic»
8. «Under Pressure»
9. «Who Wants to Live Forever»
10. «I Want to Break Free»
11. «Guitar Solo»
12. «Now I’m Here»
13. «Love of My Life»
14. «Tavasziszel»
15. «Is This the World We Created»
16. «TuttiFrutti»
17. «Bohemian Rhapsody»
18. «Hammer to Fall»
19. «Crazy Little Thing Called Love»
20. «Radio GaGa»
21. «We Will Rock You»
22. «Friends Will Be Friends»
23. «We Are the Champions»
24. «God Save the Queen»

The show is held as part of the festival The Legends of World Rock

Contact information for organizers: 050-214-06-79