Sergey Danilets. Live life full

Workshop from a guy who surprised Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Sergey Danilets, one of the few average Ukrainians who, through his diligence and determination, conquered all the prestigious peaks of the professional world bodybuilding at 25

Sergey is an example of the fact that genetics does not play a major role in achieving success – so what is his secret? Self-giving? Trainer? Special knowledge? Or maybe a meal?

Sergey will share his secrets on March 21 at the location Fabrika Space and give an answer to the main question:

How to get high and live to the fullest, but at the same time achieve success ?!

At the seminar we will consider sports, nutrition and success from different angles, from the side of an athlete, trainer and psychologist, we will reveal what is the connection between them, and how an ordinary person can introduce this knowledge into his life.

His mentors will support Sergey and answer questions:

Kozhushko Victor – President of the Kharkov Federation of Bodybuilding, master of sports in arm wrestling and powerlifting, coach of the Ukrainian bodybuilding champions.

Prikhodko Dmitry Vladislavovich – coaching experience of more than 10 years, prepared the champion Arnold classic in professionals, winners of the European Championship, Ukraine and regional bodybuilding competitions.

Gordienko Diana is a certified psychologist, psychotherapist.
He conducts resource group classes and individual ones for those who want to find themselves, develop their strengths and receive only joy and pleasure from life.

She knows how not to deny herself and at the same time not to gain extra kg

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