We invite you to the lecture “Surrealism: Frida Kalo – biography and creativity in paintings”

Creativity of expressive and eccentric Frida Kalo.

The fate of a fragile woman has fallen many trials since childhood. Her whole life has become a story of ongoing struggle, love and hatred, friendship and betrayal, creative ups and downs.

“There are two tragedies in my life: the first is a tram, the second is Diego” – Frida Kalo

Physical suffering and mental anguish in alliance with Diego Rivera contributed to the emergence of individual surrealism of Frida Kalo. She transferred all personal experiences to the canvas. Her paintings are an open book of life, where she appeared “naked” to the smallest detail.

SPEAKER: Katerina Polishko

Art critic, was educated at the Academy name of Stieglitz in St. Petersburg, graduated from NPU name of Drahomanov, faculty of Philosophy.

She graduated from Modern Art courses at MoMа in New York. She has experience in the field of international art business. During the supervision, more than fifty exhibitions were organized, in Kiev and beyond.


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