We invite you to the lecture “Surrealism – a game of the subconscious. Salvador Dali”

Why is surrealism so attractive to us? Vivid images, extravagant ideas, and the main thing in these pictures is realism, recognition of existing objects, places, persons that are distorted and changed places.

Agree to recognize and solve a picture is always more interesting than just admiring it or not understanding anything on the contrary.

And the most striking and great master of surrealism, of course, Salvador Dali – an artist, graphic artist, sculptor, director, writer, perfumer, as well as a designer-inventor and creator of amazing things. A man who is far ahead of his time.

“Surrealism is not a consignment, not a label, but a one-of-a-kind state of mind, not constrained by slogans or morality. Surrealism is the complete freedom of the human being and the right to dream of it. I am not surrealist, I am surrealism. ”- Salvador Dali

Our lecture is dedicated to an extravagant genius, a man so bright and talented that it is simply impossible to not know about him – Salvador Dali.

SPEAKER: Katerina Polishko

Art critic, was educated at the Academy name of Stieglitz in St. Petersburg, graduated from NPU im. Drahomanova, Faculty of Philosophy. She graduated from Modern Art courses at MoMa in New York. She has an experience in the field of international art business. During the supervision, more than fifty exhibitions were organized, in Kiev, and beyond.


  • 350 UAH
  • from 2 people and more – 250 UAH
  • for students – 200 UAH
  • on the day of the event – 400 UAH