ThinkJava #10

October 18 at ThinkJava#10

Anton Semanyuk

“Choosing Apache Cassandra as NoSQL storage for your application”

Let’s talk briefly about what NoSQL is and what options are there if you want such storage in your application.

Let’s dwell on Cassandra, consider options for its use and when it makes sense at all. Let’s talk about its architecture and how to work with it.

Let us dwell on the topic of Cassandra + Java. Compare with other DBMSs. To summarize.

  • introduction to NoSQL (what, why, and how)
  • NoSQL storage classification
  • when and why should i choose Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Cassandra architecture
  • CQL
  • buns that Cassandra gives
  • restrictions on use
  • examples of how you can and how you don’t need to build a data structure
  • working with Cassandra from Java
  • how do we use Cassandra at home
  • performance comparison with other DBMS
  • I chose Cassandra, where should I run?
  • findings

Difficulty level: easy

Nikita Sychev

“Reactive programming and reactive driver for R2DBC relational databases”

Recall what reactive programming is and what it is used for, where it can come in handy. Let’s talk about whether we use it in production.

We will talk about Mono, Flux, the specifications of reactive streams, the specifications of R2DBC, consider what are the low-level implementations of divers, as well as client implementations (pure reactor, spring data).

Is everything already “implemented” and ready to go to the prod. And finally, let’s talk about the overall performance of Webflux.

Difficulty level: strong junior

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